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Thermokon Home Sensors 
Wireless Motion Sensor
Wireless Thermostat
Wireless Light Switch
Wireless Door Sensor

ACS Wireless is the local dealer for Thermokon in the UAE. Thermokon is a market leader of wireless home sensors. Please check the website for a complete model range: thermokon.de


When compared with wired technologies, wireless is cheaper and easier to install, run and modify.

  • 5 years warranty

  • Save 35% energy

  • Multiple colors and finishings

  • Add sensors with no computer

  • Manage sensors with a computer

Thermokon is the leader for battery-less and wire-less building controls and sensors.

Wire-less = lower cost + easy to install

Battery-less = no maintenance

The wireless sensors include light switches, motion detectors, door contacts, pressure sensors, thermostats, and more. Please check the Thermokon website for a complete list.

Hilton Al Hamra case study:

  • 263 rooms

  • 15% energy saving

  • AED 250,000 savings per year

  • 1 year ROI

More about the technology:

  • German

  • Wireless

  • Low cost

  • No wiring

  • 10 minutes installation

  • 5 years warranty