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Telensa Street Light Controls

Telensa Wireless Street Light Management System 

ACS Wireless are the local partner and exclusive reseller of Telensa. Telensa is the world market leader of wireless street lighting management systems, and has supplied controls for over 1.2 million lights globally. When compared against other brands and technologies, the Telensa Street Light Management solution is very competitive in pricing.


The Telensa solution is robust and reliable, and is extremely easy to install. It is fully compliant with the RTA specs and the Abu Dhabi Municipality new specs for street lighting, and is registered with the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. Our local track record includes commercial networks for the RTA in Dubai, and for Al Fujairah Municipality.


The dimming capabilities of the controls allows for a clear Return-of-Investment (ROI) and payback period, and can be accurately measured depending on the LED lights power ratings. Depending on the power rating of the LED lights to be controlled, the typical payback period is usually between 5 and 8 years, which is excellent for infrastructure projects, especially considering Telensa’s rated product lifetime of 20 years.


Below are the key strengths of Telensa's wireless street light management solution.

  • Telensa is on the market for over 12+ years, and connecting over 1 million lights globally.

  • Each Base Station can connect to up to 5,000 Telecells.

  • Each Base Station can cover 2+ kms radius in urban areas, and 4+ kms radius in rural areas. 

  • The world’s largest wireless network in the USA has 400,000 lights controlled by Telecells.

  • UNB is military-grade radio technology and is highly immune to interference and noise.

  • The system consists of a central server, Base Stations, and Telecells (one Telecell control per light).

  • Industrial-grade end-to-end security deployed in airports and security-critical facilities around the world.

  • The solution uses Ultra-Narrow Band (UNB) as the RF radio, communicating on the license-free 868 MHz.

  • The Telecell continues to operate as programmed even if the connection with the Base Station is lost.

  • Multiple monitoring & control programs including dimming schedule, accurate monitoring & precise switching times

  • Each Telecell has a highly accurate power meter that has 0.1% accuracy, and which can be used for billing

  • The Telecells have a rated lifetime of 20 years.

  • Fully compliant and registered with the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

  • Through radio planning, it is estimated that Abu Dhabi City is covered by only 19 Base Stations.

  • Fully compliant with the RTA and the new Abu Dhabi Municipality specs.

Telensa, has been the world leader for wireless street light controls for the past 12 years with the largest network in the USA of 400,000 street lights. With more than 1 million street lights connected around the world, Telensa has been shifting this success to the core of the emerging IoT market to provide an integration link to others sensor types for smart bins, smart parking, smart traffic, etc.

The main reason for this success is the UNB radio technology that Telensa invented. With UNB (Ultra-Narrow Band), a base-station can talk to 1 sensor or 5000 sensors at a distance more than 5 kms away in a license expect frequency of 868 Mhz for EU or 915 Mhz for FCC. With this feature and with a few base-stations, a cost effective and a large scale deployment of IoT sensors is possible. In comparison with other systems, you need 3x times less gateways when using Telensa and the pricing for the control nodes is most competitive.

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